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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am a plain paper

I am a plain paper
white, plain, pure, nothing
I eagerly want to make myself meaningful
I want somebody to ink me
I am a plain paper

I pretend to be colourful
but nothing just white
but remember!
white is not meaningless
me myself can be a good friend
for someone who care

without me, pencils is nothing
document is no use of writing
newspaper is not reporting
exam paper is not everything
education mean nothing

I hope I could be...
something is care about
something is remembered
and something people think that
-not just a plain paper

I am a plain paper
I am a plain paper
I am a plain paper

.::farsa fira::.


aki said...

hey you.. it's nice to know that someone i knew create a blog.
care to take a peek on mine ya!
have a nice day! ^^

Art Depth said...

i am plain paper.. hehe..

jakall_ALAN said...



adakah anda juga seperti paper.....


gud luck...

farsa fira said...

maybe yes,....maybe not...ntahla...hahaha
gudluck to you too...